An Economy that Centers Mother Earth


At C2C we propose that instead of replicating an economy that is built and centered around individualism and competition, we need an economy that centers Mother Earth, cooperation, and solidarity. An economy that is responsive, plural and sustainable for all. We call it the Solidarity Economy. The Solidarity Economy model works, it is real, we have seen it function for working people in Brazil. The Landless People's Movement in Brazil has shown us that it is possible for workers to control the resources and wealth their labor creates, protect Mother Earth and share with those in need. 

Capitalism continues to fail our communities. A recent article in The Guardian clearly depicts the reality of over 40 million people in the US and the untold masses from around the world that are struggling to live a dignified life under neoliberal capitalism. It is important to point out neoliberalism because it is the strain of the capitalist economy that now rules the majority of the world, where everything is a commodity. As Farm workers and eco-feminists we believe there are no disposable humans in our communities, we all are deserving of basic human dignity and Mother Earth needs our stewardship. Capitalism has defined who we are as a people by telling us who is worthy of a decent income, housing, food, wage, etc. This is just wrong!