Community Voz Radio

Community Voz will be back on the air with new eco-feminist conversations and updates as soon as KMRE is settled into their new space. Thank you for supporting community radio! You can listen to past episodes of Community Voz here:…/kmre-102-3-fm-sp…/audioposts 
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Community Voz is C2C's ecofeminist radio show, coming to you from the Deep North in the Pacific Northwest, which presents the grassroots work that local people are doing across intersecting movements. Our radio shows are engaging conversations about issues and news you probably won't hear anywhere else, including white supremacy, racism, settler colonialism and patriarchy. We believe in community radio and alternative media, which highlights the character, beauty and courage of the voices of people on the ground that needs to be shared with everybody. As the organizers and activists on our show come from impacted communities, you will hear multiple, varying voices each week. Community Voz is facilitated by Junga Subedar, co-founder of the Racial Justice Coalition (RJC) and is often joined by Rosalinda Guillen (Community to Community), Michelle Vendiola (Red Line Salish Sea, C2C, RJC), and Maru Mora Villalpando (Latino Advocacy, C2C). Thank you for tuning in!

We are extremely grateful to the talents being volunteered by Carrie Lewis and Stephanie Kountourous, who do all of the recording and engineering, as well as KMRE, our local non profit public radio station. Sometimes the recording sessions are sent out live via our Facebook page. 

Check out our show page for past episodes.