Community Voz Radio

Community Voz is C2C's ecofeminist radio show which presents the grassroots work that local people are doing across intersecting movements. Our radio shows are engaging conversations about issues and news you probably won't hear anywhere else. We believe in community radio and alternative media, which highlights the character, beauty and courage of the voices of people on the ground. Tune in for reflections and report backs from C2C organizers and allies on the frontlines of the struggle for farmworker justice.

We are extremely grateful to the talents being volunteered by Carrie Lewis and Liz Darrow, who do all of the recording and engineering, as well as KMRE, our local non profit public radio station. You can access current and archived episodes using the links below.

Season 2

CV s2 ep 10 December 4: Movies

CV s2 ep 9 November 27, 2018: En La Lucha

CV s2 ep 8 November 20, 2018: Thanksgiving Real Talk

CV s2 ep7 November 13, 2018: C2C visits migrant caravan in CdMx

CV s2 ep6 November 7, 2018: Post Initiative 1631, Spanish only

CV s2 ep5 October 24, 2018: USFSA Report Back_Initiative 1631

CV s2 ep4 October 17, 2018: Raid Relief to Reunite Families

CV s2 ep3 October 10, 2018: USFSA, Youth Program, C2C 14th Annual Fundraiser

CV s2 ep2 October 3, 2018: ICE Raid Relief, USFSA coming soon, City Council Debacle

CV s2 ep1 September 18, 2018: Participatory Democracy - Why Vigils?

Season 1