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Peopleś Movement Assembly on Food Sovereignty

Join Us in San Jose for the US Social Forum - Another World is Possibleand the Peoples Movement Assembly on Food Sovereignty. OUR FOOD IS NOT A COMMODITY!

Social Movements exist in the US but are often disjointed or working separately. We need to build an inter-sectional Food Sovereignty movement by deepening our understanding of our reality and shared goals seeking to integrate across issues and regions. That integration happens through convergence.
We are calling to our movement community to be with us and other organizers from different fronts of struggle to join us to continue the work that has been passed down to us by our elders in the ongoing fight for liberation. 
Our Food Sovereignty Movement must be led by the people who are being affected most by racism, economic displacement, homo/transphobia, sexism, ableism, and Capitalism. Join us as we come together to articulate our guiding principles and commit to practice them with action so that we may strengthen our connections and our movement.

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