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Just Transition Assembly

Save the date for September 2-5th 2016 for the 2nd Pacific Northwest Just Transition Assembly, in Seattle. 

What is the Just Transition? What does Grassroots Global Justice mean when we say Just Transition?

There are three dynamics that shape today’s world conditions—the economic crisis, the ecological crisis and the crisis of empire. Connected to the economic crisis and the ecological crises, the US continues to wage wars in the name of freedom and democracy as a means to maintain power around the world. We believe that in order to address the root causes of these crises, frontline communities most impacted by environmental racism, institutional and systemic injustice, economic and gender oppression, are the voices we need to listen to and uplift for the solutions that will benefit us all. We need to build the different road-- towards an economy that is better for people and the planet, new ways of practicing democracy, being stewards of the Earth’s resources, holding our differences while sharing common values and principles. The process in which we challenge capitalism and create our own solutions and alternatives is through Just Transition. It is a step towards a complete re-imagination of our world, grounded in practice and solutions offered up by communities that have been the most exploited and neglected by this current economy.

In the tradition of People’s Movement Assemblies, GGJ members Got Green and Community to Community are hosting a series of regional Just Transition Assemblies to develop a collective platform for the Next Economy in the Pacific Northwest. We hope participants will share ideas on what a just transition to a next economy might look like in our communities, how current campaigns and activities connect to this just transition, and what kind of local economies we envision.