Jardin de Tierra y Libertad (Land and Liberty Garden)

In January, the Bellingham Food Co-op’s Member Affairs Committee presented Community to Community Development (C2C) with a $400 grant. Since then, C2C member farmworkers have been busy putting that grant money to excellent use.

Jardin de Tierra y Libertad

Farmworkers gathered in early spring to prune and care for the perennial crops planted last year, build a fence, and prepare the garden beds to start planting vegetable and additional blueberry bushes.

The garden is five years old and has been tended by farmworker youth and their parents.

The new Farming Cooperative, Tierra y Libertad, is creating a training space to teach others about agroecology and traditional farming practices from Oaxaca, Mexico.

The food grown there will be eaten at the tables of the farmworker families working the land. The excess will be shared with other families who, for whatever reason, cannot grow their own or do not have access to organic produce. Depending on the quantity of produce, some of it may be sold to help pay for garden expenses.

To support the garden and get involved contatct C2C!