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Legislation Could Bring More Oversight to Guest Farmworker Program


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May/June 2018: How Filipino Migrants Gave the Grape Strike Its Radical Politics

April 2018: Workers' Memorial Day: Group Calls for Justice After Farmworker Death

Yes on I-1631 – co-authored by C2C Executive Director Rosalinda Guillen

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March 2018: East and West Coast farmworkers unite for labor rights 

Food Sovereignty: An Interview with Edgar Franks

February 2018: The Fruit of Our Labor – written by C2C organizer Edgar Franks

Picking our fruit, women endure daily sexual harassment

Farmworkers Cultivate Resistance: Immigrant Workers Push For Accountability in H-2A Program

January 2018: Hungry for Change in Our Food System? "A Foodie's Guide to Capitalism" Tells You Where to Begin

Sumas Farm Faces Potential Class-action Lawsuit, L&I Investigation Finds Some Violations

They were ordered to work unless on their 'deathbed,' blueberry pickers claim


December 2017: Farmworkers Resist and Organize: Connected Struggles for Farmworker Justice in South Africa and the US – written by C2C organizer Edgar Franks

November 2017: Strikes, work stoppages in Washington fields indicative of changing agriculture labor environment

September 2017: On strike: H2A workers take on Larson Fruit

My Summer With the World in Flames

August 2017: Protesters demand accountability for farmworker's death, labor conditions in Sumas

Eighty farmworkers stuck in US fighting poor working conditions

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June 2017: A New Farm Worker Union Is Born: Indigenous Oaxacan farm workers win themselves a union in the Pacific Northwest

Unionizing Only First Step to a More Just Economy for These Farm Workers

Mindful Philanthropy for a Just Transition

May 2017: Dignity March Participants March from Lynden to Bellingham

March 2017: Dignity Vigils Call for Increased Support for Undocumented Community Members

February 2017: No ‘sanctuary’ but Bellingham police won’t enforce immigration laws


November 2016: Why the left doesn't want a carbon tax (or at least not this one)

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September 2015: Bellingham teen detained by border patrol

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Complaint filed against Bellingham police

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June 2015: Computer visa glitch leaves migrant workers stranded at US-Mexico border

Washington Berry Pickers Push For Elusive Union Contract

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December 2014: The Food Sovereignty Prize 2014: A focus on people & agroecology

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A Feud in the Field: Sakuma Bros. Farms and the future of migrant workers

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October 2013: Sakuma Brothers Berry Boycott

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The Devil’s in the Details: If the Senate’s bill is so good, why are immigrant rights groups so unhappy?

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July 2010: Immigration Nation: State initiative falls short, but E-Verify continues in Whatcom County


March 2009: Young mother loses boyfriend in Bellingham immigration raid


October 2005: Minutemen meet resistance