Agricultural Justice Project launches Hungry for Justice: Whose Voice is Missing?

C2C has been working with the Agricultural Justice Project (AJP) since 2004. We have partnered with AJP to promote fair trade in agricultural production. We believe that this is another way for farm workers to truly have a workplace with justice.

Consumers in the U.S. deserve a label with high integrity so they can easily determine that a food product has not exploited workers or the land. AJP's Food Justice Certification is the Gold Label of social justice labeling in the marketplace.

We know that farmworkers and family farmers worked together to develop these standards. Working with AJP to implement this label on family farms creates an environment where farmers and farm workers can produce on the land with equity for all, including the land!

You can follow AJP’s public awareness-raising campaign called Hungry for Justice: Whose Voice is Missing? on Instagram at @agjusticeproject and on Facebook at Agricultural Justice Project and on twitter at @FoodJusticeCert.

From AJP:

“The food system (all the people and processes that get food to our tables) is unfair and unjust. How does it continue to be unjust? Many people are exploited, marginalized, devalued, silenced, and invisible. 

How do we make the food system more fair and more just?  We can all start by listening to those voices that are too often silenced.

That means farmworkers and family farmers, of course, but also the people who slaughter and process our meat.  It means fast food workers, local Mom and Pop grocery storesas well as people who work hard and yet aren't always sure where their next meal is coming from, and many more.

We need to hear from people who shoulder more of the burdens of our food system while reaping fewer of its benefits.  Their personal stories, experiences, ideas, and insights tell us of an inter-woven story about the root causes of injustice in our food system. It is up to us all to work together to dismantle it and replace it with a system that is fair, sustainable, healthy and just for us all. #HungryForJustice #WhoseVoiceIsMissing   #IAmResponsibleToo

Follow our journey of asking "Whose Voice is Missing?" to find out what you can do to contribute to the growing grassroots movement for change: